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Celeste Zarling

Nice to meet you!

A California native and long-term Pacific North westerner, I have always had interest in Real Estate and the American Dream of owning a Home.  It all started with wanting to own the infamous “Barbie House” and what that symbolized to me as a child has still continued to be my passion, as an adult. Homes bring unity and happiness and I bring community, care and communication throughout the process of providing Real Estate services.

This is why I sell Real Estate, the things that matter to me are bringing people together and creating that foundation of life experiences in what we call our Home. With a background in design and entrepreneurship, I have created a simple and seamless process of buying and selling homes with clients. The service and experience that my clients have are of utmost importance, whether they are buying or selling.

I have built the service level to an unparalleled 5 Star experience for clients to focus on the importance of getting moved and settled into their new lives.  I do the heavy lifting for them so they can enjoy their lives and living in their home.  I never did get that Barbie house as a kid  and we never owned our own house, yet the people that I have helped live their dream, in the home they love, has given me the gratitude and honor that surpasses that dollhouse.

Today, I have helped hundreds of homeowners and perhaps thousands when you read this, find their community and home and get moved to live their Dreams and look forward to helping you do the same!


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