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April 7, 2017

Kirkland-10 Minute Neighborhood Analysis

The City of Kirkland is engaging citizens in planning for Kirkland 2035 with a major update to the Comprehensive Plan.  A major part of that exercise is planning for significant growth in jobs and housing, balancing inevitable change with the community’s values, and ensuring that Kirkland remains a special place in 2035.  New tools are needed to help participants talk about the future.  The 10 Minute Neighborhood Analysis is intended to provide a tool to help the community talk about what it means to be livable, walkable, sustainable, connected, and transit-oriented.

The community has completed the following draft vision statement to serve as the cornerstone of the updated Comprehensive Plan:

Kirkland is one of the most livable cities in America. We are a vibrant, attractive, green and welcoming place to live, work and play. Civic engagement, innovation and diversity are highly valued. We are respectful, fair, and inclusive. We honor our rich heritage while embracing the future. Safe, walkable, bikeable and friendly neighborhoods are connected to each other and to thriving mixed use activity centers, schools, parks and our scenic waterfront. Convenient transit service provides a viable alternative to driving. Diverse and affordable housing is available throughout the city. Kirkland strives to be a model, sustainable city that values preserving and enhancing our natural environment for our enjoyment and future generations.

By measuring those attributes and identifying opportunities for and barriers to walkability, the tool allows the community to talk about how to create and enhance those attributes and remove barriers, which, in turn informs the discussion about Kirkland in 2035.

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